Skin Excisions

Skin Excisions

If you were required to give a biopsy sample during your skin check you will be contacted with your pathology results. Depending on your biopsy results you may require an excision. If required an excision operation can be performed at our clinic by one of our qualified doctors after booking. The operation is carried out under local anaesthesia.

Once complete the doctor will provide an outline of the recovery process and any necessary follow up required specific to your circumstances to assist in a speedy recovery.

You will then see our nurses who work under your doctors guidance to remove sutures and manage any concerns. Additionally they can discuss options for LED light therapy for wound management and any cosmetic scar revision treatments at additional costs.


Excision out of pocket fee from $150 *Excision costs vary on a case by case basis and depend on complexity

If you have any concerns regarding how our excisions are performed please contact our team.

Types of Skin Cancers

There are three main types of skin cancers
BCC Basal Cell Cancer
  • The most common cancer, usually pink and may bleed or itch
  • Growth is confined locally, potentially more dangerous on the face
SCC Squamous Cell Cancer
  • More serious, as they can spread to the lymph glands
  • Often arises from sunspots
  • Are usually scally and may be tender
  • The most serious skin cancer, as they can spread via the blood stream throughout the body
  • Can arise anywhere on the body, including the face, scalp, lips, ears, under fingernails or toe nails (brown stripes), on the soles of feet, and in areas that have never seen the sun!
  • Can be raised or flat, fast or slow growing and rarely can be pink in colour (especially for fair skinned people)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get anything back from Medicare for my procedure?
You do receive a portion of the amount back from Medicare. You will only be out of pocket for the doctors fee and consumables which vary based on appointment length but typically start from $150. All our costings will be thoroughly explained to you before booking an excision appointment.

Will I need to come back for stitches?
Yes wound management is required post treatment and will be given to you by the doctors. Any basic wound management with the nurse is covered by the cost of the excision. LED light therapy or scar revision treatments will be at an additional cost.

Can I have Plexr mole removal instead of a surgical procedure?
No, Plexr is a cosmetic treatment. Your doctor will always recommend the best treatment for the skin cancer they have identified.

Will I see the same doctor for my excision?
Yes, your treating doctor has seen the lesion and based the excision time of what they have seen during your consultation.

How long can I wait before removing the cancer?
Once the cancer is identified you should book in to have it removed as soon as possible as some lesions spread faster then others. If there are any concerns around timeframes for these appointments this needs to be discussed with your doctor as soon as possible.

Can I drive after my procedure?
All of our procedures are performed using local anesthetic meaning your ability to drive will not be impaired. However, your doctor may recommend you to bring someone depending on the location of the lesion being removed.

What should I do if I get bleeding post excision?
If you have bleeding or concerns post excision call the clinic as soon as possible and an appointment will be booked in with one of our nurses