Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Dermal regeneration solution

At Maitland and Port Stephens Skin Cancer Clinic we work with Skindividual’s peels. That will alter your skin by disrupting the pH levels to reduce the dry outer layer of our skin.

Our starting peel is a pom-zyme lactic acid cold peel that can be layered and enhanced with powers to manage your skin concerns. This peel will reduce the outer epidermis layer while also providing moisturisation reducing adverse reactions.

Retinfuse is a vitamin A cold peel for complete dermal rejuvenation. This peel disrupts the pH barrier so that the peel moves deeper into the dermis increasing cellular turnover which results in the natural shedding of the outer layer while encouraging healthy cell renewal in the dermis. This peel is also able to be customised for a customised treatment for your concern.

Conditions treated by Skin Peels

  • Pigmentation
  • Ageing
  • Sensitive
  • Blemish
  • Oily
  • Dry


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during and after my Skin Peel treatment?
While the peels are on the skin you can expect to feel mild to moderate tingling as the ingredients penetrate into the dermis to the living cells. Once the peel is removed erythema (redness) might be experienced due to increased circulation.
Depending on the level of the peel completed will determine the amount of peeling or flaking you experience. However, with home care products and increasing the peel strength over appointments this should be mild to minimal.

Can I go to work following my Peel?
Yes, however, your therapist will recommend you do not wear make-up for 24hours.

How often can I have a chemical peel done?
Pom-zyme peels will be performed 2-4 weeks apart.
Retinfuse peels are performed 4 weeks apart.

Are chemical peels safe?
Chemical peels are safe for the skin when performed by a qualified therapist. Lactic acid peels will be applied and removed after a recommended period of time that never exceeds 10minutes. Retinfuse will neutralise itself after a period of time and can be left on the skin overnight.

When will I notice results?
After your first peel you will notice your skin has a smooth, fresh-faced feel for 24-48 hours. The further you move into a treatment plan the longer your results will last.

Our prices are fair and are in accordance with current trends. All costing will be advised before treatment.