Skin Treatment and Hair Removal in one

Epiblading is a gentle and controlled scraping of the skin using a sterile surgical blade to remove dead, dry skin cells as well as fine vellus hair.

This removal of dead cells rejuvenates the skin, softening lines, winkles and acne scars, reduces signs of acne and evens skin tone over a course of treatment. Epiblading can also be done as a one-off treatment before events for instantly smoother, brighter skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the downtime post treatment?
There is no downtime or limitation to normal activities following Epiblading.

What is the difference between epiblading and microdermabrasion?
Epiblading, has the added benefit of removing unwanted facial hair without stimulating new growth or changing the hairs structure. It is also more recommended for fragile and delicate skin.

How soon will I notice results?
Results will be noticed straight away following treatment.

I have sensitive skin am I a suitable candidate?
Everyone is suitable for Epiblading, it is a form of exfoliation that does not interfere with your vascular system.

Should I Pair Epiblading with other treatments?
Absolutely, Epiblading ill remove vellus hairs that can reflect laser or IPL lights away from the skin, reducing their penetration. It will also improve the penetration and depth of peels because dry dead cells act as a sponge soaking up your products before they can reader the deeper layers of the skin where cellular changes occur.

How often can I have Epiblading done?
Treatments are recommended every four weeks when combining skin health with hair reduction. Epiblading can also be performed as a one-off treatment before events.

Our prices are fair and are in accordance with current trends. All costing will be advised before treatment.

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