Dr Maria Reeves

Dr Maria Reeves

Skin Doctor

Dr. Reeves is a highly skilled and UK-trained doctor with an impressive 30-year tenure in the medical field. Specializing in surgical procedures, she received her training in the UK before honing her expertise in skin cancer diagnosis and surgery through comprehensive programs in New Zealand and Australia.

With over a decade dedicated to skin cancer surgery in both New Zealand and Australia, Dr. Reeves emerged as a leading expert in New Zealand. Her pioneering efforts extended beyond clinical practice as she spearheaded skin cancer prevention initiatives at the private and corporate occupational level across New Zealand and has equally emerged here in Australia. Her dedication ensured that skin cancer prevention was integrated into her patients lifestyle and at a corporate level into employer responsibilities and her services in New Zealand were recognised by health insurance providers.

Having diagnosed and treated numerous cases of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, Dr. Reeves is renowned for her unwavering enthusiasm and passion for skin cancer prevention and treatment. Her commitment goes beyond professional boundaries, extending to her personal life. Originally from Colombia South America, she finds joy in spending quality time with her family, providing support to her daughter in her burgeoning career within the fashion modelling industry. 

Outside the medical realm, Dr. Reeves indulges in leisure activities such as walking with her dogs, exploring her passion for photography, and embracing the joy of travel. Her multifaceted dedication reflects a holistic approach to life, blending professional excellence with a rich and fulfilling personal life.

  • MChB; University of Sheffield England UK (2004) 
  • Certification in Dermoscopy (SCCA)
  • Diploma Skin Cancer Medicine and Dermoscopy (SCCA) 
  • Advance Skin Cancer Surgery (SCCA)